About Us


Our Executive leadership spans more than two decades in  website design,  re-design strategy, Internet marketing, traditional marketing, branding and web analytics with major eCommerce websites.

We are skilled at growing on-line revenues and increasing on-line conversion rates.  We have doubled on-line revenues for major eCommerce websites in a single website re-design.

Our goal is to maximize your success, while maintaining your Return on Investment.

Our process begins with a discovery phase, where we learn and understand your Company, your competitive landscape and your specific business objectives.   From there we execute a complete analysis of you current business needs so that we can develop a customized plan that will meet your goals, within your budget.    We will plan, develop, execute, analyze and optimize each program to achieve your business objectives.

Client Comments:

“Michelle did an outstanding job on our company website.  She worked closely with our office to develop a format that worked best and helped us organize our content to suit readability and streamline internet searches.”

Paul Constantini, Project Manager/Member at Michael A. Beach & Associates

“Michelle is uniquely skilled at managing ecommerce projects to deliver superior user experiences and business results. She’s an expert at sourcing qualified traffic and converting shoppers into buyers. Michelle showed me how to build a business by focusing on the needs of the customer.”

Timothy Foy,  Sr. Brand Manager, Dr. Scholl’s at Bayer

“Michelle was great to work with and highly recommend her for any position. She’s smart, organized and able to manage many projects at once.”

Lori Leone, Sr. Content Strategist at QVC